perjantai 20. kesäkuuta 2014

Feeling a bit luxurious tonight

There it is. My new white and shiny floor. No more old yellowish wood for me down stairs to paint! I am still on testing mode, planning and playing with different ideas around the living room. Wanted to share this scenery for you to see, how much light the white can bring to the space.

Have a great weekend!
 I think I might spend it painting the old fire place and some other things along with it...

And happy midsummer night
 to all!
- I spent a great peace of it in my garden picking up flowers this year. My 2 -year old was badly sick, so we could not make it to the summer cottage as Finns usually do this time of the year. But I don't mind now. The weather is not nice at all, so I have a good reason to spend time inside!

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